Angola 3 related:

International Committee to Free the Angola 3

Angola 3 Grassroots

Angola 3 Action

King’s Freelines
Delicious pralines made by Robert King

House that Herman Built
An art collaboration between Herman Wallace and Jackie Sumell

Anita Roddick

Common Ground Collective
An organization co-founded by Malik Rahim and scott crow of Angola 3 Committee

Truth Universal
Hip Hop Artist who did music for the film

It’s About Time
Comprehensive site about the BPP & A3 by Gail Shaw and Billly X of the A3 Committee

PM Press
An independent publisher of the A3 DVD and Robert Kings Autobiography and other titles

Community Futures Collective
Founded by Marina Drummer of the A3 Committee to provide support for organizations

Prison Radio
Noelle Hanrahan produces audio recordings of Mumia, A3 & others

International Concerned Friends and Family for Mumia

NPR: Three Part radio series about the Angola 3

NPR: King’s Candy: A New Orleans Kitchen Vision

NBC: Angola 3 featuring King

Free Kenny ‘Zulu’ Whitmore
Another former Panther in Prison at Angola

Treatment Rooms
Art project commemorating the A3 in London

Political Prisoner Support Groups:

National Jericho Movement]

Anarchist Black Cross Network

Anarchist Black Cross Federation

Houston Anarchist Black Cross

Prison Activist Resource Center

Amnesty International

Earth Liberation Prisoners

Northwest Anarchist Prisoners Support Network

Marilyn Buck

Prison Groups:

Critical Resistance

Out Of Control Lesbian Committee To Support Women & Political Prisoners

California Prison Focus

November Coalition

Equal Justice usa

National Coalition To Abolish The Death Penalty

Native American Prisoner Network

Real Cost Of Prisons

Other Sites Worth Seeing:

Incite: Women of Color


Huey P. Newton Foundation

Truth Universal music video for “New Orleans Finest’

Co-Founder of The BPP Bobby Seale

Critical Resistance

Freedom Archives

Mutual Aid

Judi Bari

Zapatista Army of National Liberation

[ Zapatista Army of National Liberation]


Other u.s. Radical 1960s-70s groups :
George Jackson Brigade Information Project

Weather Underground

Brown Berets

American Indian Movement

Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO):



FBI ‘s own Panther related documents