Thank You’s


This film would not have been possible with out the generous contributions and support from the following:

Executive Producers
Bruce Allen
Anne Pruden
Gabriel Maxit
Dr. Helen Harkness

Special thanks to:

PM Press: for believing in it and broadening it’s visibility
Orissa Arend: Housing (La.) Archival and Support
James & Deanna Brown: Housing(Ca.)
Marion Brown: Housing(La.) Advice, Footage, Documents
Brackin Camp: Support
Marina Drummer: Archival Photos, Documents, Support
Scott Fleming: Logistical support, Advice, Documents
Leslie George: Audio interviews w/Albert & Herman
Andrea Gibbons/PM: Words and advice
Shana Griffin: Archival Footage, Research
Noelle Hanrahan: Film Adviser, Audio & Technical support
Keli Hendryx: Video Transcribing
Erin Howley: Research, Prod. Assistant, Grant Writing
Ramsey Kanann: Vision and support in this project
Kim Kern: Video Transcribing
Dr. Terry Kupers: Film Advisor
Antonio Long: Housing (Ca.)
Patrick Lyons: Distribution & support
Cesar Maxit: Website Graphics V.1
Gabriel Maxit: Original Web & Technical Support
Carol Mendoza: Video Transcribing
Jill Natowitz: Spanish Translation transcription
Kiilu Nyisha: Archival photos
Rigo 23: Portuguese Translation
Ernest Samudio: Video transcribing
Gail Shaw: Housing(Ca.), Archival photos, Support
John Slaughter: Archival Film Footage
Jackie Sumell: For laughter and support
David Starfire: Housing (Ca.)
Tish Stringer: Film to Video Transfers
Tajiri (Truth Universal): Music Soundtrack
Luis Talamantez: Contacts (Ca.) Support
Travis Weller/ Web/graphic Design
Brice White: Archival Footage, Research
Anita Yesho: Support
Billy X: (Ca.), Archival materials, Housing
John Yates/Stealworks: Astounding artwork of the re-release
California Prison Focus: Outreach (Ca.)
Earth First! Journal: Housing (Az.)

Funding for this project has come from:

Texas Filmmakers Production Fund
Greater Houston Fund
Dr. Helen Harkness
Dr. John Bell
Bruce Allen
Marina Drummer
Theresa Gorman
Dr. Terry Kupers
Bob Libal
Antonio Long
Wynne Martin
Carol Mendoza
David Starfire
Anne Pruden
Randeep Walia
Robert Wrinkle
And many others.!!!

If you have been inadvertently left off this list it is NOT intentional, please let us know. We want to have the names of EVERYONE who has made this project possible. THANKS TO EVERYONE!!!!!